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Most people think expect a really complicated answer to the question, ‘How do I get healthy?’ I could fire back a lengthy description about free radical damage, clogged arteries, insulin resistance and a whole hoard of other things but I really don’t need to do that. Because the answer to great health is beautifully simple: WHOLE FOODS.

The more you can get in the better – and if we can get even more specific, the more raw fruit and veg you can get in to your diet, the better you will feel. Because fruits and vegetables contain an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients… All the things that are essential for good health. 

Unfortunately for most of us these days, food and our lifestyles work against us in the area of health. Long work hours and busy schedules often call for convenience foods and take-aways, which as we all know, are pretty much devoid of any actual nutrition. We can all eat calories until the cows come home, but calories aren’t what our bodies are crying out for – it is NUTRIENTS. And when it gets them regularly, magic happens.

The essense of life is in living food – fruits and vegetables and the phytonutrients found in these are essential to fuel the body properly and protect us from disease. Although most of us know this, very few of us get the quanity or variety of fruits and vegetables in our daily intake that we require.

A simple solution is Juice Plus+. There are four products in the range that cover your bases as far as nutrition goes. I literally call Juice Plus+ my ‘disease prevention in a capsule.’ It is absolutely the most convenient, most consistent, and most cost-effective way to get that much dense nutrition inside my body. And the best part?? My kids get it FREE!

Juice PLUS+ is made using only the highest quality ingredients available. Vine ripened produce is picked then juiced to release the nutrients the dried using a proprietary process at such low temperatures that there is no loss of the live enzymes. After numerous tests these enzymes are then locked in by encapsulating in a vegan capule. The Wholefood Supplements in a capsule form that allow you to get the goodness of 27 different fruits vegetables and two grains every single day with Juice PLUS+®  a great addition to your daily nutrition.

The Raw Food Girl is proud to be aligned with Juice Plus+ because of the independent, peer reviewed, clinical research which other products on the market simply do not offer. 
I do not believe in the use of synthetic supplements. They will never achieve what the synergy of whole foods do. 

With currently 31 studies complete in some of the world’s leading universities and institutes that prove just how effective Juice PLUS+ is. The studies show that Juice PLUS+:

  • Delivers key phytonutrients that are absorbed by the body
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress
  • Helps support a healthy immune system and DNA integrity
  • Positively impacts several key indicators of cardiovascular wellness


Juice Plus+ is well and truly my supplement of choice. It’s a great way to make up for the deficiencies in our modern diet, because even The Raw Food Girl doesn’t eat 9 – 13 cups of raw fruits and vegetables EVERY SINGLE DAY… Do you? Even when I do, Juice PLUS+ just backs it up with more quality nutrition. It was the very start of my health journey and I’ve never looked back since.

I encourage you to take a look at Juice PLUS+… It may just be the start of your health journey too. 

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